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About Us

Croydon Coin Auctions is a "Bricks&Mortar" auction house selling a wide range of coins, medallions and other items from Chester in the North West of England.

Their first Croydon Coin Auctions sale was held on 4th March 1983 at Croydon Parish Church Hall. Since this first auction of 610 lots there have been over 200 regular sales. It is now on its sixth location - having spent several years at the South Park Hotel, then the United Reformed Church in Addiscombe Grove and more recently the Clyde Hall in Croydon before moving to it's current and most recent location in Chester.

In October 2019 Graeme and Linda Monk decided to call time after many sucessful years however this was not the end for the business as it was quickly snapped up by the current owner Bruce Goulborn of Goulborn Collection Ltd and Goulborn Coin Auctions alongside his wife and co-director, Karlyn.

The future auctions are initially planned to take place at Chester Football Club twice a year with one in April and a second in October. The format of the auction is very little changed .

Croydon Coin Auctions is the trading name for Goulborn Coin Auctions Ltd and is the Sister Company to Goulborn Collections Ltd

Goulborn Collections has been trading for many years specialising in English milled, English commemorative medallions and Postcards.

Goulborn Collections trades primarly as mail order but acquired Croydon Coin Auctions in October 2019 to enter the world of auctoineering.

Thank You for taking the time to learn about our history.

We look forward to working with you.



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